Environmental Dynamics and Territory (Dinâmica ambiental e território)

The approach to the society-nature relationship historically runs through geographic science, as a structuring element of its discourse, guiding the constitution of its interpretative categories, concepts and analytical approaches. Having as its main focus the environmental issue and its historical relationship with the territory, this area of concentration highlights the importance of the spatial dimension of socio-environmental dynamics, as well as the contradictions associated with the different uses of territories. In this sense, a range of problems arise related to the appropriation of territory and nature, with the aim of obtaining resources for the production of goods and services. The territory thus maintains close historical relations with the notion of environment, which gives us both the complexity of the world and the forms of use and appropriation of space in its interface with living systems, covering the spheres of the economic, the political, the cultural and everyday life. Furthermore, with the incidence of capitalist dynamic processes and the resulting territorial restructuring, bringing different implications to people’s lives, a diversity of questions are produced around the environmental destiny of the planet and the world, which confront us with challenges and uncertainties. of the present and future of societies, with the territory and environment undergoing permanent transformations. This opens up a perspective that encourages us even more to carry out studies and research around the relationship between environmental dynamics and territory, which is fully in line and relevant with the local and regional demands that the Program seeks to address.


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