Research Lines

Research Lines 

Line 1 – Socio-environmental Issues and Dimensions of Nature

The line prioritizes studies on socio-environmental issues, from the perspective of society-nature inseparability, covering themes, concepts and situations related to dynamic and/or conflictive spatial practices. In the intertwining of environmental and social issues, different forms of material and symbolic appropriation of space are emphasized. In this sense, the line unfolds into approaches around the dimensions of nature, highlighting investigations relating to geographic climatology, soil and relief studies, issues linked to territorial and socio-environmental conflicts, as well as forms of representation of the space and  landscape. In these approaches, both the interdisciplinary focus on society and environment relations and concerns surrounding teaching in geography are valued.

Line 2 – Productions and Appropriations of the Territory

The line is devoted to studies of unequal relations and processes of production and appropriation of territories in varied historical-geographical contexts, highlighting modalities, situations and perspectives engendered by different social actors, emphasizing the territory in its multiple scales, dimensions and contents. These aspects demarcate a specific section of research that has been developed, in which such processes cover movements of territorial constructions, symbolic relations, the incidence of new socio-spatial operations of capitalist dynamics and clashes of different shades that take the form of restructuring in urban and regional space, expressions that also dialogue with issues related to teaching in geography. Among the themes explored in the Line, various conceptions about the city and the urban, everyday life, the complex relationships between city and countryside, the configurations of the urban and regional network, among others, stand out.


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